Lynda Lin Grigsby is a freelance writer, editor and journalist. In print, she has written award-winning feature articles about women in the arts and investigative news articles about immigration fraud.

She writes for Parents, SheKnows and Scary Mommy, to name a few.

She is the former assistant editor at the Pacific Citizen, a national newspaper. She has profiled Olympic gold medalists Kristi Yamaguchi and Apolo Anton Ohno. There was also that one time when she almost ran over Amy Poehler in the parking lot at the Four Seasons.

Lynda has a passion for writing about parenting, comparative racial studies, and representation in the media. To read more, check out her portfolio.

She is also a home gym enthusiast. She likes to work out with her kids, ages 9 and 5. Her barbell is named Dolly. The suburbs of Los Angeles is home.

What does ‘Marginally Okay’ mean?

Being marginally okay means existing in the place right below good. It’s being okay with not being okay. When someone asks you, “How are you?” answering “good” is not completely accurate.