About Lynda

Want to know the definition of “flop sweat”? Ask me to talk or write about myself. Without fail, there will be flushed cheeks and sudden loss of words. 
Is it getting hot in here?
No, it isn’t menopause. It’s a passion to tell stories other than my own. 
Before becoming a parent, I found a perfect way to express myself through writing without putting myself in the spotlight: I became a journalist. I reviewed movies and restaurants, rubbed elbows with celebrities, and wrote hard-hitting articles on immigration and civil rights. 
All that came to a screeching halt when I made little human beings and embraced my role as a nurturer. Motherhood is beautiful, but it can be an all-consuming abyss of prioritizing other people’s needs ahead of your own. It’s an identity shift from the person you used to be to the person you want to be. 
I have two kids, ages 7 and 4. My writing soundtrack is populated by Chance the Rapper, Post Malone and other artists who I can’t play in the car with kids. 

What does ‘Marginally Okay’ mean?

Being marginally okay means existing in the place right below good. It’s being okay with not being okay. When someone asks you, “How are you?” answering “good” is not completely accurate. 
Being marginally okay means accepting your current broken state. It’s a lot of self-examination, both mentally and physically. 
Then, hopefully, we can all lower the bar and all jump over.